About the Band

So, you want to get to know these guys better? Well, here is a little sneak peak on what makes these guys tick.

Here’s how the band got started…

The Noisy Neighbors began the way most bands begin-in a garage. Under our former name, “Smoke ‘n Soul”, we were quickly thrust into the “fire” for a 9/11 Firefighter’s Benefit. Ready or not, the cap was off the bottle. Now “Road Veterans”, we’ve played small clubs, private parties, and bigger events & festivals, such as State Fair, Summerfest, and Waukesha’s own Riverfest. We’ve never met a crowd we didn’t like, and we’ve never left the fun at home!

Our music includes covers from the classics through today’s music – usually with a twist. Nothin’ like a great tune you can sing or dance to, with a dash of the “Noisy Neighbors” for good measure. We’d love to have you “party” with us at our next gig! See ya there!

Dave - Lead Vocals Noisy Neighbors Band
Matt - Bass for Noisy Neighbors Band
Scott - Drums for Noisy Neighbors Band
Ed - Lead Guitar Noisy Neighbors Band
Mike - Keyboards for Noisy Neighbors Band