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Live it up Live! After 13+ years of great memories TNN are retired. The band has more shows under our belt than we can count, and a story you could put on VH1 behind the music. The train started rolling a long time ago, and it has been one crazy ride partying with all of our friends and family year after year. Hard to believe our first show was way back in 2001 for a 9/11 benefit. From that day we worked our way into all the bars from worst to best including plenty of weddings, private parties, and festivals in between. More than a decade of 3am nights, learning tunes, and band practices wherever we could. From freezing garages to laundry warehouses we often traveled in our great Wisconsin winter weather to work on songs and laugh together. We have hit nearly every bar that has supported live music, and lasted longer than most of the places we played at. In 2013 we topped it off with our very own Summerfest and State Fair giving us a chance to look back on how far we have come together. Not a bad run for a group of part timers with no management doing it on their own. Thank you to everyone that has supported us over all the years including family and friends that made it all possible. Hopefully you have all had as much fun as we have! TNN


Check out these young studs at the first show back on Nov 2, 2001. We had no clue 13 years of TNN were ahead of us.


Pillars was a packed house crazy night!


Shawn & Nikkis Wedding! We have had plenty of weddings over the years but never one like this.


Must be a Lindeys night!


State Fair!




TNN at SUMMERFEST opening day June 26th!


Good time back at Knuckleheads!




Scott had the West Bend crew ready to go! We have some time off before our next show at Mo\'s downtown so see you in December.


Mo\'s Tosa was a good time!






Another good night at Red Rock


What a night at Red Rock! In ten years we have seen plenty of crazy things during shows but body surfing? We thought our first show at Red Rock back in October was crazy, but our return visit was even better. Check out all the pix and hit our facebook link if you want to see live video of a few songs.


Good time at Pillars. TNN gone all Disco!


Just Kickin!


What do we do on our off time? TNN made it out to the ice shack for a non show night!


Our first show of 2012 was a good one. We played for a packed room full of crazy people ready to dance all night! In the end our first show at Sandbar was a blast. Thank you Lars and Mike for handling our sound and light system for the night. Lindeys is up next, then we get a month off to recover.


Our first trip to Rooters was a fun night. Good to see many of our Noisy Neighbor fans and friends show up again. Scott said he was going to turn it up a notch and he really did. We pulled out a few more new tunes and had a good time. Check out our Facebook photos area for a full video of our first time playing Country Girl! Next up is Sandbar on Pewaukee lake Jan 7th.


Red Rock was a good night!


JUMBOS! Our trip to Ripon included a pre-show bar run at a place we will not forget any time soon. Not many bars keep the food they serve in trophy cases behind glass, but then again not many bars have a woman in pajamas and slippers sitting at the bar around 5pm either. We seen a few more odd things so after one round of Jack-n-Cokes we decided we better get to our wedding show. Love that door prize Jay!


We had a good time as the sun set at our private party show.


Lindeys post tie up bash was a good one! By the time the band arrived to set up everyone was already well on their way from partying all day. I guess we just needed to catch up. Hard to believe you all went the distance and got Noisy until we called it a show at 1:40am.


Another good show! Train show that is. The band all got together for a night out to Washington County Fair for a great show and a night to just get together and chill. We all had a good time.


The night started out a tad slow in first set, but things turned out crazy as always for all of sets 2 & 3. Everyone packed the dance floor, and we pulled out a new tune later in the night as promised. Thanks to all for a good night, and Bruce on our sound and lights! TNN


Our pre-show warm-up was very relaxing. Thank you to Melissa, the pub crawl gang, and long Wongs for a fun night. We have a few weeks off then a return to Lindeys in July!


Another great time at Lindeys! Maybe TOO good for some!


Must be a Lindeys night!


Good night at Foxys!


It was a rainy night in Port, but that did not stop everyone from having a good time!




Rookies! The dance floor was busy all night, and it was one crazy evening. As usual, we had dancing on the bar and a group of people ready to party all night. Hard to believe we have been playing out at Rookies since 2002. We have so many good memories of our Rookies shows over the years, but this weekend’s was right up there with the best. Thanks to Melissa and her pub crawl gang for helping the night turn out even better. Time for a few weeks off, then back out at Coach House on June 26th. Now go check out all those Rookies pix of the night!


Who would think a Thursday could be a packed night. The evening started off with a live broadcast from Connie & Fish (97.3) and then we followed with our show. Everyone had a good time and the dance floor was busy all night.


Lindeys is always a good time!


Scott you stud!


Fun night at Center Court!


Double header road trip weekend at LCO casino in Hayward! We ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep over two days, but that did not stop us from two good shows. Socko even made the trip! Our second night was one to remember with Noll doing some lead vocals and our original sound guy Jeff even up singing! In the end we came out with battle wounds and a few headaches. We all woke up Sunday morning feeling like we lost a few years off our lives but it was a good time! Check out the pix. Time for a month off and we need it. After that time to get back in the swing.


What a night! We had a packed dance floor from beginning to end, and it was a great time. Thanks to everyone for stopping out and making it a night to remember. Up next we pack up the gear and do our road trip to Hayward (LCO casino). Now go check out the pix from the night.


Everyone stop out for Nolls last local show! Although we are sad to say that our drummer Noll is moving on to another musical project, we wish him all the best. It does not seem that long ago four young guys got together in a basement and formed a band. At the time, our only goal was to have fun and possibly play for anybody that would listen. Little did we know that a 911 benefit gig would be the start of some great friendships, and a 9 year ride playing places we never thought we would. The stories of all the crazy nights together are endless, so we will just keep them to ourselves (until the book comes out!). Together we have seen many changes in the band as well as our personal lives, but we have always been there together through it all. We have seen Noll grow as both a person and a musician over the years, and know our friendships will always remain the best thing that came out of the band. After hundreds of shows and just as many great memories together, we will miss the talent and personality he brought to the group. We hope you all stop out and send Noll off with a crazy night! We will miss you Noll! Dave, Matt, Ed, Molly & Socko


Things got a tad out of control at Coach House! After 9 years and hundreds of shows we have never seen anyone get down to their underwear on the dance floor. The night was crazy until the end. Thanks to the guys for giving everyone two shows in one night.


Back in the saddle again! After some time off we got back in the swing with a night at Lindeys. Sorry we pulled the camera out late and did not take alot of pix. Up next is Knuckleheads so unwind with us after all the xmas fun is over.


What a night at Rosies! It was a cold one but the tent heated up real fast. We seen a lot of great costumes and all had a great time. As a matter a fact...things were rolling so well we skipped our second break and just kept playing straight thru the night until the noise ordinance finally made us shut things down. The good thing is that was after a few extra tunes for an encore. Thanks to all our friends and fans that came out to support us again. This was our first trip to Rosies and it sure was one to remember! Now go hit our pix area and check out the night. Dont forget we have J. Rileys up next weekend and promise that will be another one to remember as we are celebrating a few birthdays including our very own bass players Matt. Things could get crazy!


Lindeys! We got off to a fast start and never looked back all night. Packed dance floor, body shots,and a few things you had to see to believe. Up next is Rosies on Water for the big Halloween bash so get ready!


What a night at Rookies. It took a little time but it turned out to be a crazy night as always!


We all had a good time at Coach House.


Another good year at St. James!


Remember that night at Mos Irish Pub downtown? So what is up next? We have a Lindeys show coming up next Friday,then we head back to Mukwonago for St James Festival on Sept. 12th. We have played St. James for several years now & look forward to another. Dont forget your Halloween plans are already set. The Noisy Neighbors play Water Street for Rosies outdoor Halloween bash! Rosies & Water street should be crazy as Halloween falls on Saturday night this year and we will all be getting Noisy in a nice big party tent!


Thanks for the Memories!! What a show at Coach House last night! We will have a few hundred pix posted soon as they all download. After 4 ˝ years of playing keyboards with the band, Mike, aka, “Sponge” Spanjar has left the band and his last show with us was one to remember. We had many great times with Mike over the years. He brought a much needed different perspective to the band, and we consider him a friend as well as a fellow musician. Besides his contributions to the band on keys, we will always remember the road trips, the stories, and his legendary photography at shows. Thanks Mike, and we’ll see you down the road at the Noisy Neighbors 20 year reunion in 2021!!!


We had some type of a 80s wedding invasion at Hemmingways!


What happened at Lindeys! The night started out slow but really got crazy fast. Thanks to Andy & the gang for going strong all night. We had a packed dance floor and regardless the room temp was 90+ everybody was in the mood to party all night.


Coach House was a good time as always. We told you some new tunes were on the way! Lindeys next weekend with another new tune on the way. Noll promised us he would just wear boxer shorts at Lindeys!


Things got crazy at Romas! The whole band started off the night with a great sit down meal in Romas restaurant. After that we went outside for the show. The weather was perfect and we all had a good time. There were shot girls in TNN shirts and plenty of people ready to party. Aside from the fuse we blew in he first set the night went well. Thanks to all the staff at Romas, and everybody else for making it a night to remember




Our second trip back to Master zs was another good night. Jack Daniels giveaways & drink specials made the night even better. What is new? We added a new member to the group! Her name is Molly & we think she is a great fit for TNN. We are all very happy to have her in the band and are looking forward to all the music possibilities that open up with her in the group. Since we do not take many pictures of ourselves on the stage we do not have a picture to show Molly in action this week. We will make sure we get a good one at the next show. The attached photo is our crazy friend Al during the Master z show. If you like her look we might be selling those glasses she is wearing.


What a night at the Coach House! We had a packed dance floor all night, and plenty of interesting things to see. Thanks to Amanda and her birthday gang, Mollys crew, Matt for great work on sound & lights, and all our other regulars that made it a night to remember. We look forward to our return visit in June.


It was a typical Noisy night at Knuckleheads!


There is no such a thing as a bad night at Rookies. Even though we lost a hour for daylight savings everyone seemed to be in the mood to dance and get a little loud all night. We made everyone happy by playing many requested songs and keeping the dance floor busy all night. The only song we could not do was a Slayer song requested by one guy. Although we have a wide variety of music we just did not have one of their tunes in the mix. It always feels like we are coming back home when we play Rookies. Hard to believe we started playing there way back in 2003! Up next weekend is a St. Pats Bash out at Knuckleheads so get ready.


It was a crazy night at Lindeys! We decided to let this group of girls hit the stage since they are much better looking than us. If you have not noticed already our new group photos are posted in different areas of the site. Let us know what you think of them. Dont forget we have Rookies up next so stop out.


What is new? We recently took new group photos and are currently deciding which ones make the cut. This pic. is a sneak peek but keep an eye out for what pics end up on our site and new posters.


Master Zs was another first trip show that turned out to be a good time. The dance floor was busy all night and we had a good group of friends that made it out to see us. We look forward to a return trip.


Another cold snowy night. This was our first trip to Kellys 2 and it turned out to be a good time. The new year is in full swing with the calendar filling up fast so hopefully we will see you at some future shows.


New Years at Knuckleheads! We all celebrated as we closed out another year. The night started out quiet but finished strong. Everyone had a good time as we played late into the night. Just before daylight we called it a night and said goodbye to 2008. Check out the pix.


Flashback! Look at those young kids! As we wrap up another year its always interesting to look back. Hard to believe but this is a picture from our first show back in 2001 (notice all the fans). We have come a long way over the years and have plenty of memories and interesting stories after hundreds of shows. Thanks to all the new friends and fans we have met along the way, not to mention all our friends and family that have been there supporting us from the start. Noll just got the cast off his hand and things look good so help us finish 08 right as we close out the year with a show at Mos Irish pub on Dec. 27th, then a New Years Bash at Knuckleheads pub that should be a night to remember!


Noll is relaxing, but not on the beach this time. For anyone that does not already know, our drummer (Noll) had a small accident while working on his new house. Its a long story but in the end he was left with a broken hand and a concussion. Since everything went down so close to our Halloween shows we are taking some time off. The good news is that he is ok and feeling better following a few hard weeks. After Noll is back in the swing we get back on track. We all look forward to having Noll back and getting Noisy again in 09! TNN


Rookies! Things started out slow but picked up real fast. To chants of LOSE THE SHIRT!,Matt finally gave in. We have the evidence. Thanks again to Nolls Mom for the late night food and everyone else for getting out on the dance floor all night. Check out all the pix!


What a summer! Our outdoor shows are over until next year but we have some good indoor nights coming up. October has Mos Irish pub, Rookies, and a Halloween bash at Knuckleheads to finish the month out. Thanks to everyone for all the support and another Noisy summer! TNN


Noise with the boys shirts are in!


St James! It was a perfect temp. for our last oudoor festival.


Knucklefest! Burnouts, Bull riding, Pig wrestling, Wall of death, and live music. A tad warm but sure turned out to be a fun night for all. Check out all the pix. Up next is our last festival of the year at St. James so let's finish the summer right.


Beer bongs, Bikinis.... What a night at Lindey's. Had no clue we were at a bar but sure was a good time! Check out all the pix.


It was a good time for all out at Mo's Irish Pub!


Thanks to Sarah for the Knucklhead pix. Ed forgot the memory disk for the band camera. August is a little busy for us so stop out and make some noise. We have Mo's Irish pub, the Harley 105th bash, Lindey's, a Woodstock bash, and who can forget Knucklefest! As always, a few new tunes are in the mix so see if you like them.


Spash it up!! We beat the heat with some heat of our own at Wales Summersplash! Thanks to all who came and partied with us. Beer, Mike's hard lemonade, and, of course, macaroni were the party favors of choice. Special thanks to our sponsors, BR Custom Woodcraft, Premier Angus, and Merz Electric.


Summer! The crew was ready to rock at Lindey's.


We're gettin' Noisy! Typical lead singer! Another great night at Knucklehead's Pub in Eagle. Thanks to all who came and helped us party. You kept us busy with another encore, and we finally got some peeps to dance on the bar (no injuries that we know of!) Be sure to make the trip next time, and don't forget about Knucklefest on Harley's 105th weekend. It's gonna get crazy!


So what are we doing on our time off?


Ah Rookies...Out of control, as usual. Thanks to everyone for making it a memorable night. We really appreciate your support. If you didn't make it out, you missed a great, great time. It's going to be hard to top, that's for sure. Stage diving, body passing, storming the stage, dancing on the bar - what a party! We will be off in April, but ready to rock again in May. Thanks for checking out the show. See you next time!


Stomp 2008! We did a last second gig for Knuckleheads and it turned out to be a good night. We had some hardcore fans going nuts on the Dance floor all night. By the time the night came to an end we had to play two encores after everybody stomped there feet on the floor like spoiled children until we came back up. You know we love it. We have a private party up next and then Rookies, so plan ahead. We know what those Rookies shows are like so get ready!


Another cold night! It was Mardi Gras night at Knuckleheads Pub in Eagle, and we found ourselves playing on another freezing cold night. That didn't stop the crowd from collecting beads the old fashioned way! We pulled a few more new tunes out, and the dance floor was filled all night, (although we won't say how much the alcohol helped!). Thanks to everyone for the "double encore" night! We had a blast! Summer, here we come!


What the?? Slash surprises TNN at local club!


Even though it was 10 below the night we played at Lindey's,things were still hot inside. Check out the pix!


Save the bar, ride a cowboy!


OPEN WIDE AND SAY "AHHH..." It has been some time since we played Knuckleheads but everyone seemed to remember us. Check out a few of the Noisy Neighbors faithful that have been coming to our shows since the beginning (even before people started yelling for us to play Free Bird).


ROCK ON, DUDE! It was a perfect weather night at the ST. JAMES FESTIVAL, and we all had a good time. Thank's to everyone that hit the dance floor early. You helped keep it going all night. One more outdoor show and then it's back inside until next spring.


I can't believe those two in black are talking about which of the band guys is hotter!


A very hot 4th of July at GLENDALE DAYS.


Back in the saddle again. What better way to get back in the swing than a night at Rookies. Thanks to the pub crawlers, our faithful fans, family & friends, and Rookies for another crazy night! Check out the pix. TNN


Now that our long overdue time off is coming to an end, keep an eye out for some shows this summer. We have a few new tunes in the mix along with the Noisy Neighbors classics, so stop out and see for yourself.


What a crazy end to the summer run! Five torch heaters, a festival tent, plenty of beer, and a bunch of people ready to rock regardless it was one cold night. Actually, it was one of our coldest shows ever but that did not stop people from dancing on the tables again this year. Everyone was into it all night so we gave you a good run including two encores to finish it out.

Chow for now! Matt, Mike, Ed, Dave, Noll


This was our second trip to Mo's, and you people sure know how to party! The night went good even though our band trailer was locked in a gated parking complex at 2:30AM. If you want to know how we got out, just ask Noll or Ed. Let's just say we found a creative way out without damaging anything but our stomach muscles from laughing so hard. Last time we played Mo's Matt noticed there were many tall buildings down town. This time he realized the buildings are still there. Thanks to everyone that made the trip down town to see us. We have a wedding show coming up next so unless you want to help us set up gear or run lights you have a weekend to relax. After that you can check us out at St. James Festival in Mukwonago, and then the Palmyra Fireman's Festival as our summer schedule and outdoor shows wind down. After our October show TNN will finally take a real long break so Dave has time to wax his new Harley and we can all get some sleep and sanity back on the weekends after many years of getting home when the sun is coming up.


MILK! It does a band good!

(Or should I say "MILF")


Once again, ROOKIES did not disappoint. We have had many memorable nights at Rookies over the years, and this night was one of them. Everyone went the distance with us for more than four hours on one hot crazy night! We had a visit from MICK JAGGER on Honky Tonk Woman, WOODY pulling out his patented dance moves, and beautiful women dancing up on the bar again. We even had some martians sit in and play on a few songs for us. Thanks to John for the swimming (raft, what raft?), RWP for sound and lights, and Al for having us at Rookies. We would also like to thank all our friends, family, and fans that have supported The Noisy in so many ways over the years.

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