The Noisy Neighbors Band "Live it up Live"

Hello TNN Minions…my musical interest and eventual inspiration to play the drums started very early on in life. My family would pile into a “76 Buick Le sabre (The “Cream Dream” as we called it…funny Dave has the same nickname…huh), and travel all over SE Wisconsin to watch and listen to my Father’s Polka/Wedding Band. I remember getting that cool ass waxy build up on my red corduroy’s sliding around dance floors in time to “Wipe Out” or “The Auctioneer Song”-good times, good times. Fortunately, that is where it all started...

I never had formal lessons and I can’t read music-I play by ear. I wish I had an incredible life and musical history to pour out in this bio, but I remain an extremely simple man. No doubt I am the world’s biggest smart ass but I can take it as good as I can dish it (sarcasm you sicko’s). Musically I am extremely diverse. One of my IPod playlists starts with Patsy Cline and flows nicely into Five Finger Death Punch. Drummers who inspire me-Peart, Portnoy, DeVirgillio, Harrison, Jordan and so on…Liquor that inspires me-Crown, Miller Products and Jaeger Bombs

Who/What do I take with me? My wife and kids, my Mathews, my Snares and my memories…and matches

Thanks for coming to the show-


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