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Our night at the Coach House turned out to be a Noisy one for all. Thanks to all the beautiful Tequila girls and everyone else that danced on top of the bar, with us on stage, and even on the dance floor! Check out the pix.


Only at the Waukesha County Fair.

Yes we played Bowling For Soup, and this pin put on some dance moves none of will forget anytime soon.


You people know how to party at Mo's inside and out! Check out the pixs!


It's official, summer is in! - TNN


Sometimes you get a feeling guys like this have just seen more crazy shit than we ever will. This pic was from a memorable night at Knucklheads after Five years of us playing together. Five years of good memories, ups and downs, friendships , and plenty of people getting noisy and having a good time with TNN !

100% Heat
100% Humidity
100% Live

It was a hot one at the VFW festival in Pewaukee! Did we really hit good weather on Memorial day weekend? Thanks to Eliminator audio and everyone else that went the distance with us on one hot crazy night in Pewaukee.


Friday night was a trip back to Coconut Joes. We had plenty of people ready to have a good time and let loose on St. Patty's Day. There was also no shortage of shots and beer. Thanks to the guys from Roadwarrior Productions for our sound and lights, and everyone that stopped out to get a little crazy on St. Pats.


Yaeger bombs, cowgirls, and splitting dance moves at Foxy’s in Port Washington .


We made a trip to Knuckleheads in Eagle on Friday. Although we did not see anyone make the "Hall Of Shame," there were a few crazy things going down. After the show, we loaded the band trailer and ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep before we had to head to the studio the next morning. Thanks to Brad, at Studio Z, for making our studio visit as painless as possible after no sleep and very tired voices. WATER THAT PLANT, BRAD! After our private gig on New Year's, we are going to recharge the batteries and take off a few weeks. Thanks to everyone that has come out to support and party with us throughout the year. We will see you in late January, and you better be ready to get noisy! Chow for now.


We have all seen our share of love notes and numbers, but this one ranks up there. One night at Coconuts Joe's Beach Club, Dave was handed this note. We have no clue why a woman would say something like this just from seeing Dave? (must be the eyes). Then again, this show was at a club with no food or kitchen. So why did she have a kitchen check to write on in the first place?




Let's just say that we were glad that we had a tarp handy for our show at Miller Park on Saturday. Rain prevented us from playing before the game which was a big disappointment. However, it stopped long enough afterwards so that we could play for some Brewers (and Cardinals) fans that were primed to party.

Thanks to everyone for hanging out and having some fun with us!


Our first trip to Coconut Joe's was exactly what we like to see. You guys cracked the dance floor on the first song, and never looked back. Singing, dancing, and still asking for more after four hours. Thanks for getting noisy and never letting up.



Friday's Rocks!! TGI Friday's that is...

On Monday night we (along with Socko) took a road trip to Lincolnshire, IL for the TGI Friday's General Managers Regional Conference. Everyone may have been there on business but they still came to party a bit and have a good time. There definitely wasn't a shortage of dancing and crowd participation. Thanks to all you crazy people for gettin' noisy and having some fun with us!

We're sorry that we couldn't accomodate by doing an "encore" but we didn't want to irritate the local law enforcement that showed up later in the evening to shut down the festivities. The air-conditioned tent was nice but evidently not a very good sound barrier.

Anyway, the whole experience wouldn't have been possible without Bobbi who booked us for this wonderful event! Thank you! Also, a BIG thank you to Shawn from TGI Friday's for her generous hospitality and making sure we were taken care of. We had a great time!! And last but not least, thanks to Noll (head cold and all) for driving the "tour bus" and working the sound and lights for us. You rock, dude!
We apologize for the fact that we don't have any pics for the website.

Since this was a corporate event we didn't feel comfortable doing the whole "paparazzi" thing. We've got another private party scheduled for next weekend and then it's back to the "club circuit" for us. Join us at Coconut Joe's Beach Club in Okauchee on Friday, September 16th.

See you there!


Socko returns!
On a hot night in Port Washington, Socko returns from a one year hiatus.


The County Fair sure turned out to be a hot crazy day. After we setup our gear and did sound check, we decided to head to the deluxe air-conditioned trailer they have for the bands. Turns out, all we could do is look in the windows at all of the beverages and imagine how good the air conditioned trailer would feel because someone had accidentally locked the trailer door on us. Thanks to Mark and the fair staff for helping us track down the key to get in. Anyway, we finally did get to enjoy the air-conditioning and a few drinks between sets and sure were glad they opened the trailer for us. We all had a good time and thank you to everyone that came out to support us. After the show we got our trailer packed just in time because ugly weather moved in and everyone from the fair was evacuated into the Expo center. I guess timing is everything, sometimes.



On the dance floor..

On the stage...

On the bar...

Out of control...

What else is there to say about the Rookies show last Saturday?


Matt's pre-gig warm-up before the private b-day bash. He also relieves stress another way, but we can't show that!


Wow! What a weekend!!

The Noisy Neighbors "mini tour" kicked off on Friday night at the Pewaukee Fireman's Festival in Village Park. Although the weather was cool and wet outside it didn't seem to dampen the spirits of those inside the beer tent. Thanks to those of you that braved the elements for sticking around and getting noisy with us!

On Saturday we took a road trip up to Minocqua for a two day run at The Thirsty Whale. We had this 100 year old landmark rockin' in no time. Boat loads of people drinking, dancing, and have a grand ole time with yours truly, The Noisy Neighbors. Check out the pix to see what we mean. This is definitely the place to party at in the north woods! Thanks to Deanne for having us back again. On a sad note during the weekend we said goodbye to our good friend and keyboard virtuoso, John, who has chosen to "retire" from the spotlight to pursue the quieter things in life.

Best wishes John and thanks for the great memories! "It,s been a good run", and a journey we will all never forget. We hope that the water outside the wake is smooth as glass and the dark beer is always flowing. Is that a cheat sheet on your keyboard? So, do we top a great Memorial Day weekend? Well,...join us at Rookies in Okauchee on June 11th to find out! See ya' there!

Lets just say our Rookies gig was a night to remember. After our first break from playing gigs in the last few years, we decided to get back into the groove. We played our first gig with our new drummer Al. At the same time, we had a surprise birthday party for Dave (our lead singer) the same night! After friends, family, and Noisy Neighbor fans got to Rookies, Dave showed up for what he thought would be a few birthday drinks. You could say Dave was surprised to see friends and family at the bar, but once he had seen all our band gear on the stage he almost left nuggets in his pants. After he calmed down, we ended up playing for a full house of crazy TNN fans. The staff ended up dancing on the bar with several other people that know how to party. Thank you, to everyone that stopped down to party with us and made sure Dave’s birthday party and Al’s first gig was a night to remember. Now go check out the pictures because you may be in one!

02.19.2005 - Buffet Concert Scam Exposed

Desperate for gig work and the limelight, Noisy Neighbors frontman Dave “Schmidty” Schmidt, attempts to pass himself off as the legendary Jimmy Buffet at a local area concert. The scene grew ugly when fans quickly realized they had been scammed. Chants of “I’ll waste him away”, and “He doesn’t need another cheeseburger in paradise” broke out. Police, armed with riot gear, were called in and tried in vain to disburse the crowd. Tier gas was fired into the crowd in order to finally gain control. Although all members of the Noisy Neighbors band escaped unharmed (including Schmidt), all are indefinitely banned from Sheboygan county and the surrounding Lake Country areas. When interviewed later, angry Buffet patron Steve Lamp said, “I showed up with a peace pipe in one hand, and an umbrella drink in the other, expecting to kick back and enjoy a little Parrot Head music, and I got these clowns instead! ” As Lamp slowly walked away, shaking his head, he muttered “Damn, I’ll never be able to enjoy Buffet tunes again”. None of the NN band members were available for comment. The whereabouts of the real Jimmy Buffet are still unknown.

TNN News – Special Report


You give us the stories, and we will talk about what we see. Over the last three years we have seen it all. At least we thought we have, but it just never ends. We will talk about things you may have missed or even been a part of at shows and everything in between the stage and every day life. Not always, but often "out of control.” May be fact and may be fiction, but you never know what you will see or hear at a Noisy Neighbors show, or in life for that fact.  

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