The Noisy Neighbors Band "Live it up Live"

I'm not sure where or when it all began, but I do know why. I have always been attracted to music ever since I used to listen to my dad play harmonica as a little shit. Sooner or later I knew I needed to get into music myself. After I finally convinced my parents I needed a guitar, they were rewarded with years of noise. Today my musical influences include Jimmy Buffet, Eric Johnson, Jackson Browne, TOTO, Dave Matthews, and any musicians that actually play their music. I think my family prefers the music I play now over some of the music they had to listen to then. For me, family and friends and the simple things in life have always been the most important to me. Give me a good lake with some good fishing, a good beer or two with friends, or playing for people that want to have a good time as the Noisy Neighbors do and that's what it is all about.

See you at the next show!, Ed

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