The Noisy Neighbors Band "Live it up Live"


Here’s a little bit about me (if anyone really cares).

 I’ve been playing music since before half the other guys in the band were born, and I don’t plan to ever stop. Although I picked up a guitar at 4 or 5, my first real training came on drums, when I was 8 or so.   Guitar and piano came much later, but I’ve been singing since I put down the bottle - baby bottle, that is.  My musical talents have been described as, well, mediocre by some, but you can’t accuse me of not having fun when we play.

 Professionally, I’ve cut commercials, written & published many songs & jingles, and played with several bands. But none like this one.   The guys in The Noisy Neighbors have one thing in mind – to have fun playing music.  

Other useless tidbits: 
Born:  Milwaukee, sometime after Laverne & Shirley
Family: Lisa, Kirsten, Carly, and several furry & feathered creatures
nterests besides music:  Sports, outdoors, & beer
Goal:  To live long enough to entertain my friends at the Senior Center
Talk to ya at the next gig!  


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